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News from Uncle Mark’s!!🙂


Now Offering Rosara’s Own


Made In-House with Organic Ingredients!!

So Healthy – So Tasty – So Quenching


Trading Goods for Jars!!

Do you have a box of canning jars in your way??

Bring in your over-stock of canning jars!!

We’ll take’em and give you goods in return!!

They don’t have to be the same shape or size!!

They don’t have to be clean… We need to sanitize’em anywho!!


Join Uncle Mark’s Bread Club!!

Pick up your card the next time you’re in!! 🙂



Uncle Mark’s is the “M&M Meat Shop With a Kitchen” Model!!

We, at Uncle Mark’s, are busy with our many life obligations so can never plan when our breads, meals and treats are going to be made.  So we are becoming “expert” at fresh freezing our products when they are in perfect condition!! 

You will be able to buy products hot out of the oven if you happen to be in the shop at the time… but 

our guarantee is our frozen and canned products will be great!!


We have a self-serve microwave on site 

so your cinnamon bun or meal can be “Hot-to-Go” in minutes!!


Fresh Frozen Organic Bread – By Adam

We grind and sift Organic grains!!

We have a selection of frozen breads that thaw “good as new”!!

Sourdough White

Sourdough Whole Grain Brown

Sourdough Whole Rye

Fluffy 9 Grain

Fluffy White


Bread from Yann!!

Yann makes (at Uncle Mark’s) fantastic organic sourdough bread and baguettes!!

Check Out his website!!


Try the Cinnamon Bun Diet!!

Eat a Cinnamon Bun every day for a week!!  

You won’t lose weight but it’s easy to stick to!!🙂

We fresh freeze incredible Cinnamon Buns!!

$4.00 each or $3.33 each for 6 or more


We make fresh Bran Muffins most days!!  Then they’re frozen!!

Big Muffins for $2.50 each or $2.08 each for 6 or more

A great addition to the Cinnamon Bun Diet!!🙂


Brownies – $1.79 each or $1.49 for 6 or more


Date Cake (Matrimonial) – $2.99 each or $2.49 for 6 or more

Really Tasty!!🙂


And Mr. Roth’s Famous Popcorn

Organic Popcorn, Organic Sunflower Oil & Organic Redmond Salt 

(Like you really care!!)🙂

$1.50 each or $1.25 each for 6 or more


Our Super Duper Grain Mill works AWESOME!!🙂

It’s a Cool-Flour Stone Mill!!  Cool flour preserves all the nutrients of the grain!!

We sifted out white flour and guess what?… fresh white flour is quite brown!! It becomes whiter as it ages.  

Our white bread is very tasty, fluffy… and brown!!  Ya gotta try it!!

We’re trying to use as many locally grown ingredients as we can and all our meat is outside raised…

Some is organic, some is not certified, all have lived better lives than industrial animals.  

We’re always trying to get the best ingredients we can!!

It is our goal to try and provide good convenient eating solutions for everyone!! 

If you need certain meals or food plans we hope to be able to accommodate you!!  

Please call or stop in at our shop in McBride to discuss

ready-made, frozen, canned or other food options to help you eat better!!


Please keep checking in!!  




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In the coming days we plan to offer an email notification (likely once a week) with updates!!


Thanks for visiting our website!!

Hope to see you at our place!!


Darrell & Diane, Adam & Mark Roth🙂

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