Hello Neighbours!!

Welcome to the 1st publication (EVER) of The Hub!!🙂 

Who we are… I (Darrell Roth) am the Editor and Chief of The Hub.  My wife, Diane (my boss🙂) proofs and argues with me!!  We moved to McBride from north of Prince Albert, Sask in 1994 and live on an acreage 7kms west of McBride.  Our 3 boys, Adam, Matthew and Mark bought the neighbouring acreage a few years ago making Roth Farms about 200 acres of pasture, bush, cows, pigs and garden… so far!!

Mark has been our community farm to plate butcher for years and needed a place to set up a commercial kitchen… so Uncle Mark’s was “born”!!  A few years ago we renovated the old liquor store on 1st Avenue (built in the 60’s) and added a couple walk-in coolers and freezer for the meat shop and the food processing business we planned.  Side Note – It’s Uncle Mark’s because his brother Adam and Emi have 5 kids and Matthew and Chelsea have started with their first!!… and that’s why!!🙂

So… Strange times!!  With the crazy world right now we have decided to put our long-range plans on “fast mode”. Actually… Instant Mode!!  Our long range plans have always been to be part of food security in the valley and to promote a “growing economy”.  

With the virus situation and the restrictions changing daily we are starting RIGHT NOW!!

We are starting to process frozen meals and products right now.  Sometime in the next week or 2 our high volume cool-flour grain stone mill will be delivered and set up to mill fresh grain for our bakery products and for you to take home for your needs.


Our long range goals have included accumulating an inventory of goods and services available for cash or trade in our valley, accumulated in an easy-to-access list. We have planned to make such a list for sometime (maybe) in the coming 5 or 10 years.  Well… We’re starting the list right now!!  We’re asking everyone in the valley to stop in at Uncle Mark’s and register your wares RIGHT NOW!!

Root veggies

Meat on the hoof

Herbs and spices

Who’s growing Lettuce and Salad Right Now??


Clay Ware

Wood turning

Cheese making

Candle making

Soap making

Weaving and Sewing

Garden products of all kinds (manure, extra tools for sale or trade, etc)

Tilling and farming services

De-hulling service

Pea shelling equipment

Honey for sale

Live chickens

Trades and Skills

General Labour

Professional Skills (engineering, brain surgery, etc🙂)

E-logging (well witching)

Toy making

Are there any meat cutters out there who want some work?

More Ideas…

Do you want to raise chickens, pigs, beef?  Get your information to The Hub at Uncle Mark’s!!  

Do you want to raise veggies for the community this year?  

Do you want to start making and selling clothing or boots or furniture?  

Do you want to make/sell off-line generation?  Please register at The Hub at Uncle Mark’s!!

We’re making it up as we go along but I think you get the idea!!  Set your good ideas in motion!!🙂

SELL YOUR PRODUCT at Uncle Mark’s!!  

Bring in your wares and let us be your door to the valley!!  We have lots of cooler space and freezer space!!  We have lots of floor space that is just waiting for your stuff!!🙂. Let’s partner and work together to help our community be a little less dependant on the world!!


We have large pressure canners and a combi steam/smoker/convection oven and a couple large stock pot ranges.  Bring in your food and get us to process it or process it yourself!!  We can help you prepare a safety plan so you can sell your product!!

So here it is… A rushed project with high hopes for a more secure community!!  I’ve already said we’re making it up as we go!!  We think it’s a great idea and hope our valley neighbours will help us achieve our goals… whatever they become!!  Please stop in at Uncle Mark’s and share your ideas and let us work with you for a common success!!

Thanks from Us… at The Hub!!🙂

Next Hub posting is scheduled for another day… Keep checking!!🙂

email – eat@unclemarks.ca